About Adam

Adam Spjuth is a multitalanted artist and creator with many strings on their harp. Adam offers custom work, workshops and consulting within varios creative fields. 

Educated in fine arts, fashion and makeup artistry Adam has combined his skills with interests and imagination to produce the dragcreature which is IMAA QUEEN.

Growing up with artistic painters in the familly early set the stage. With insights into historic craftmanship but also hard work came a sence of style and quality. Being forced to move a lot as a child left Adam at times alone with his imaginary world full of creatures and possibilities. Inspiration later came from pop-culture and fashion as well as from mythology, history and arcitechture.

Adam has developed his drag during almost 13 years with different caracters along the way but for a long time now Imaa Queen is the only one. Within the concept Adam gets to evolve most of his skills and makes fruitfull collaborations with a wide variety of artist within or outside of the community. From hosting at clubs and parties, DJ-ing, making music, mentoring drag-daughters to producing and seting up shows. Moving forward from being considered a high-end avantgardistic look-queen into a truly versatile entertainer has made him convinced he is on the right track.

After many years of hard work it is very rewarding to get the recognintion for the art that’s been produced and as the drag scene grows and expands both in Sweden and on the internatnal level Adam can’t wait to see what will come next on this fantastic endeavour.

Adam was togeher with the Swedish rainbow company LIGHTS EVENT co-creator and producer of the recognised and award-nominated entertainment concept “C’est La Vie” onboard the legendary venue M/S Patricia in Stockholm. He won the first season of european dragcompetition EuroDrag, as well as, Drag Of The Year 2022 by QX Magazine and their readers.